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Lymph Cancer

What is Lymph Cancer (Lymphoma)?

What is Lymph Cancer (Lymphoma)? Lymphoma, also known as lymphoma or lymph node cancer, is in the “blood cancer” group according to its disease type.

External Ear Infection

What is External Ear Infection ? People who enter the ponds to cool off on hot summer days are the external ear infections caused by

kartagener syndrome

Kartagener Syndrome

Kartagener Syndrome Kartagener Syndrome is a condition that means the combination of bronchiectasis, recurrent sinusitis and situs inversus, which means that the organs on the

Remove Water From Ears

Remove Water From Ears Remove Water From Ears Ear water leakage is a situation that is not taken seriously most of the time. However, it

What is Nose Aesthetics ?

What is Nose Aesthetics ? Rhinoplasty , it is the name given to surgical operations to change the shape of the nose. The general reasons for nasal aesthetics are as follows. Correction of the fracture

Nose Filling (Non-Surgical Nose Shaping)

What is Nose Filling? ( Liquid Rhinoplasty ) Non-surgical facial rejuvenation used in aesthetic hyaluronic acid fillers , can also be applied in the nose area in a safe manner . For people who


Otoplasty – How is The Prominent Ear Appearance formed? Otoplasty ; The angle between the auricle and the skull skin, which is called prominent ear

Septoplasty – Nose Curvature

Septoplasty – Nose Curvature The structure that is located between the nostrils and divides the nasal cavity into two is called the “septum”. The septum

Tonsils Surgery

Tonsils Surgery  Tonsils are structures located on both sides of the throat in the back of the tongue. Their job is to protect the body

sinus channels

Sinusitis and Sinus Channels

Sinusitis and Sinus Channels Get Your Head In The Water While Swimming Especially the salt water allows the opening of the sinus channels. Swim your

Most Common Autumn Diseases

Anti-Inflammatory Inflammation Most Common Autumn Diseases , Part of the hernia inflammation actually occurs as a relapse of a chronic disease. Low body resistance leads

What is Sinusitis ?

Sinusitis Sinusitis, nasal congestion, facial pain, nose and nasal discharge, headache is manifested by problems such as. It may cause facial pain and dark runny

What Good is Sinusitis ?

What Good is Sinusitis ? Severe headache around the eyes, fullness and weight, nasal discharge, dry cough, nasal congestion  Sinusitis, which causes all these complaints,


What is Vertigo (Dizziness)?

What is Vertigo (Dizziness)? Vertigo, the medical name for dizziness; It is the state of feeling that the person or the objects around him are

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