External Ear Infection

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What is External Ear Infection ?

People who enter the ponds to cool off on hot summer days are the external ear infections caused by dirty waters. The water escaping from the ear removes the sebaceous glands and protective layer at the entrance of the ear canal and makes it open to infections.

In the ear itching occurs congestion and severe pain. Normally the ear cleans itself, but in case of irritation occurs a warm moist environment ready for the transmission of germs. Bacteria and fungi can easily reproduce.

To prevent an outer ear infection, we must keep our ears clean. We should not use the cotton swab in the ear. Earwax protects the ear from outside dust.

It is thrown out spontaneously. Ear washing is done by the Ear-Nose-Throat doctor in the clinic. The liquid used and the washing technique are important. Ear washing can be done on ears that are blocked and have difficulty hearing.

Generally, after water or liquid escaping into the ear, blockage and low hearing occurs. Ear washing takes an average of 15 minutes. Measures should be taken not to enter the ponds that are not suitable for treatment and disinfection and to prevent water from escaping.

Measures to protect against external ear canal infections include:

  1.  Do not mix your ear with hard objects (fingers, cotton swabs).
  2.  Do not attempt to remove earwax.
  3.  Use waterproof ear plugs when entering the pool. Persons who are  sensitive to the ear should also use a waterproof cap.
  4.  If water gets into the ear, lower your head. Pull the ears out to draw water back.
  5.  Dry your ear at low setting by holding the hair dryer remotely.

Symptoms of infection, It starts with itching, fullness and pain. A white dirty discharge occurs with skin rashes in the ear. Then, the external ear canal with edema and the pain increases.

In case of severe infection, the pain reaches the level that cannot withstand. Fever may rise, the lymph glands around the ear can swell. In the treatment, antibiotic and cortisone drops are used to remove the external ear canal without irritation.

Remove Water From Ears


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