Whitening Treatment (Hollywood Smile)

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Whitening Treatment (Hollywood Smile)

Many of us have dreamed of a beautiful smile. Entitled teeth and smile beautiful and healthy and therefore the basics of beauty evaluation.

Aesthetic dentistry is particularly important in improving shape. Infected teeth deteriorate in color. For this reason, people cannot laugh comfortably. There is aesthetic dentistry to get rid of bad appearance.

One of the secrets of spotless and gleaming smile and often we observe in many of the faces of actors and filmmakers, or so-called “smile Julio” d (Hollywood Smile), is a cosmetic dental veneers. It is a very thin layer made of your teeth, porcelain or tooth-colored filling a Alcolmbozaat (composite) affixed to the front of age in order to improve the appearance of the teeth and contribute to the correct color, shape, size and length. It was its first use in 1930, and entered several stages of evolution until I got to the shape that it is now.

Cosmetic Crust

The plastic shell covering the surface of one or two surfaces of the tooth so different from ceramic crowns which covers the entire age so it is not valid for use with crumbling teeth and that the large amount of decay. It could be used to cover and treat one tooth or a set of upper and lower teeth. It is commonly used with the front teeth.
The plastic layer must be performed by a doctor who specializes in dental beauty or Prosthodontics.

Cases of Treatment

What is the appropriate treatment for dental veneer cases? There are plenty of cases that require crust cosmetic treatment is the most important:

Cases of tooth discoloration, which may be due to the treatment of the roots or spotting fluoro caused by exposure to high doses of fluoride in childhood. Color may also be due to the use of certain types of antibiotics (tetracycline) Tetracycline or as a result of eating foods and colorful drinks and smoking or due to changes in the color of old age in charge

Cases of Broken Teeth and Eroded Surfaces

May be used in some simple cases of irregular and ill paving teeth. The substitute for braces in some simple cases in which the patient prefers porcelain veneers treatment rather than the calendar.

Therapeutic Material Differences

What is the difference between the materials used in the treatment? Sunni crust may be made of a material porcelain (ceramic) Sunni or material Alcolmbozaat one of the types of cosmetic fillings that may be used in the treatment of Tsusat teeth.

Porcelain may be better than composite in its resistance to color change. It reflects the color of the original tooth coated.

Facts You Should Know

  • The coverage porcelain veneer does not prevent tooth decay resulting from negligence in cleaning the teeth, where it partially covers the age and thus the opportunity to decay in parts that are not governed by the coverage.
  • It must be borne in mind that ceramic peels weaker than the natural tooth structure so care must be taken not to bite on solid objects or use teeth to open the cans.
  • The people who have deep bite or two they rub their teeth during sleep is not recommended for them veneer porcelain because it would be to crack and break easily. In some cases, the patient needs to put a protective device of the teeth (night guard).
  • It must be covered with veneer porcelain teeth are treated as natural teeth, where you must use a toothbrush and toothpaste and dental floss to clean them.

What are the Therapeutic Steps to Cosmetic Dental Veneer?

  • Initially the diagnosis is made by a specialist doctor and discussion with the patient about his smile problems and what he wants and what to expect from treatment. It calls for the implementation of the edition of the upper and lower teeth.
  • Of the most important elements of treatment that the patient be quite interested in clean teeth and gums surrounding. In some cases, surgery may be required to work gums before starting the installation.
  • Tooth preparation session: The doctor injects local anesthetic and sculpts the front parts of age by 0.5 mm or less of dentin as needed, and then takes a remake of the teeth after preparation and is sent to the dental laboratory for the preparation of ceramic peels. This is the same day dental coverage Btalpissat temporary until the completion of the final veneer processing.
  • In the next visit crust is installed using Resin material (resin) lenses.

Cosmetic Treatment Problems CrustWhitening Treatment

  • Cosmetic treatment problems crust
  • Some may suffer from tooth sensitivity caused by the cold process during dental processing
  • Inflammation of the gums as a result of an error in a variety of ceramic veneers or during the preparation process may occur.
  • May be subject to breakage, especially when eating solid foods such as carrots or nuts are very solid. There are some points that need to be referred to a selection of some of the keenness of the ceramic shell is very white color and believe he is the best. It must be to choose what fits the facial skin color and the surrounding gums. As well as for tooth shape and size were the more appropriate and selected properly they give a smile closer to be normal. Therefore, accurate diagnosis and study of the patient’s condition and discussed with him is very important to avoid errors in treatment.
  • Nalk new type of porcelain veneer called Omunirz (lumineers) or tooth contact lenses is a very thin layer of thickness 0.2 mm thick lenses any eye lenses.

It is a layer covering the teeth without the need for cold or prepare surfaces of the teeth. And so are not taken to the use of local anesthetic.  Also used to cover the crowns  fillings that change color with the passage of time without having to return them.  As well as he is the only cosmetic treatment rendered it possible to remove it in the event of a desire to return to the original shape of the teeth. This type is used to treat mild cases of tooth discoloration or blanks. And disadvantages that may lead to an increase in the thickness of the covered teeth.


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