Laser Applications

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Laser Applications

LASER is the most commonly used method for the treatment of Myopia, Hypermetropia and Astigmatism and Reflective Surgery all around the world.

Who can receive Laser Surgery treatment?

  •  Over 18 years of age and wearing either eye glasses or contact lenses;
  • Person whose diopter value has not changed by more than 0,50 diopter in the last year;
  •  Myopia up to -8 diopter;
  •  Astigmatism up to -5 diopter and hypermetropia up to +5 diopter;
  •  Patients with sufficient thickness of the corneal tissue;
  • Without systematic diseases such as diabetes or rheumatism;
  • Patients who have no other eye diseases (such as Keratoconus, Ocular Hypertension, etc.);
  • Patients whose ocular structure is considered eligible for surgery as a result of preliminary examination and tests may undergo a laser treatment

How Many Laser Applications has it?


(Laser In-situ Keratomileusis):A corneal flap, which is about 120 microns in thickness, created using a device called a “microkeratome.” The flap is needed for patient comfort and stability of the visual results.


PRK is the performance of laser operation upon removing the epithelium which is the top cell membrane, without lifting any flap.


Epithelium is removed like a flap with the aid of alcohol. Epithelium is replaced after the Laser operation. Highly reliable results are obtained by this two-surface method; however some patients complain about burning, stinging and watering in the eyes for 2 to 3 days. Vision gets clear within one week to ten days in average. By these treatment methods, the final result may be achieved in the 3rd month, however patients can carry out their daily activities without the need for eye glasses during this period of time.


In wavefront treatment ,wavefront device measures cornea, eye lens and the scattering of light from the boundary layer formed in detail and according to this measurement meter regulates a treatment regimen. Treatment schedule calculated wavefront device is transferred to the laser device and thus personal laser treatment is done. Wavefront system and laser treatment in patients who underwent post-treatment compared to standard laser therapy achieved higher quality language problems as well as night vision arises less. Wavefront treatment standards one of the most important applications of laser in the treatment of patients who fail to form.

Supracor Excimer Laser

Myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and near vision problems depending on aging (presbyopia) the most effective treatment method for correct the SUPRACOR Excimer Laser Technology dependence on glasses or lenses can be removed for a lifetime in a short operative period.

SUPRACOR technique is applied by specialist in Estethica as well as the Excimer Laser Technique. Both distant and near vision problems can be corrected safely in a single session through this method. Laser surgery with Excimer Laser device correcting myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism refractive disorders allows you to regain your clear vision.

Your suitability for the surgery is determined by a detailed eye examination to start with. This examination is carried out throgh a highly advanced equipment. With the examination of the far and near vision of the eye it is determined how much it needs to be corrected. The obtained data is loaded into the system. The application of the laser beam cornea is reshaped accordingly to the previously located information.

Say No to Age-Related Vision Problems

Presbyopia, the age of 40 occurring in people over the age-related farsightedness problem. Never before have never experienced eye problems, even after 40 years of all people read books and newspapers or working on the computer begins to experience problems. Today, the laser can treat this condition method SUPRACOR Excimer Laser technique.

Distance and near vision can be treated at the same time

SUPRACOR near vision problem for the first time by the method of the remote can be treated simultaneously. Other methods unwanted deviations occurring in the far vision deteriorated. There is such a risk. This application; Over the age of 40 living near vision problem and do not want to use glasses, made by expert ophthalmologists compliance with pre-determined measurements everyone can be performed in a short period of 4-5 minutes.

SUPRACOR Excimer Laser application, keeping the patient’s eye care and eyewear lenses dependence abolished and a more comfortable life are presented.

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