Liposuction & Fat Injection

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Liposuction & Fat Injection

We able to transform the bodies of men and women who desire a fuller shape by using this method. During this procedure, he takes fat from one area of the body, harvests and purifies it, and then transplants it to another area. We use fat transfers as an autologous approach to adding fullness to the breasts, buttock, and other areas of the body where fullness is desired. He prefers to use the tumescent liposuction method for fat removal. During the fat transfer, he places the fat in the desired location and manipulates it until the right result has been attained. Fat transfers result in a natural, subtle outcome.

Surgical Technique

During the consultation, the surgeon and patient will discuss what donor sites will be most suitable and desirable for fat removal. During surgery, fat is removed from the donor site using a cannula. The fat will then be purified using a centrifuge, which is a device that spins the fat at a high speed in order to remove any impurities. The fat will be placed in a syringe and augmented into the transfer site. The surgeon will simultaneously massage the area so that the fat settles where needed to create a satisfactory shape and contour. Multiple injections are usually needed.

During – After Surgery

Liposuction is considered performed at hospital. In the majority of cases, especially where larger injection areas are concerned, general anesthesia will be used. For smaller areas, such as the lips, the surgeon will use a local anesthetic. After the procedure, lipsosuction areas, as well as the injection sites may be swollen and red. This will subside in a short time. This procedure continues to be popular among patients because it offers little risk and little downtime, while delivering great results.

Alternative Procedures ?

While Liposuction & Fat Injection produce great results for many patients, there are other alternatives that some may consider.  An injection, such as filler material , may produce the results some patients desire — especially where wrinkle correction is concerned. The filling material has duraction of 6 to 9 months. Fat injection has a duration of 2 to 4 years.

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