Cervical Disc Herniation

What is Cervical Disc Herniation?

What is Cervical Disc Herniation? Cervical Disc Herniation occurs when a part of the nucleus of the disc joint between the cervical vertebrae leaks out


What is Sciatica (Nerve Compression)?

What is Sciatica (Nerve Compression)? The longest and thickest nerve in the body, the sciatic nerve, or ischiadicus as it is called in medical terminology,

Respiratory Obstruction

What is Respiratory Obstruction?

What is Respiratory Obstruction? First of all, respiratory tract obstruction is when the airway is blocked to a certain extent, preventing the passage of air

Under Eye Light Filler

What is Under Eye Light Filling?

What is Under Eye Light Filling? Under-Eye Light Filling is an aesthetic procedure performed to reduce dark circles and hollowness under the eyes. This method

Youth Vaccine

What is Youth Vaccine?

What is Youth Vaccine? “Youth Vaccine” is often used to describe aesthetic and medical practices aimed at reducing signs of aging and preserving a youthful

Stomach Cancer

What is Stomach Cancer?

What is Stomach Cancer? Stomach cancer is a disease that describes malignant tumors that develop as a result of uncontrolled cell division in this organ.

Bladder Cancer

What is Bladder Cancer?

What is Bladder Cancer? Bladder cancer is the second most common cancer among cancers that occur throughout the urinary tract, starting from the kidneys. Approximately

Lymph Cancer

What is Lymph Cancer (Lymphoma)?

What is Lymph Cancer (Lymphoma)? Lymphoma, also known as lymphoma or lymph node cancer, is in the “blood cancer” group according to its disease type.

Colon Cancer

What is Colon (Intestinal) Cancer?

What is Colon (Intestinal) Cancer? Colon (Intestinal) Cancer is a type of cancer that occurs as a result of abnormal and uncontrolled growth of cells

Liver Cancer

What is Liver Cancer?

What is Liver Cancer? Malignant tumors arising from the liver’s own cells are called “primary liver cancer”. This type of cancer is called “hepatocellular (liver

Eye Cancer

What is Eye Cancer?

What is Eye Cancer? Eye cancer is a general term used to describe many types of tumors that can begin in various parts of the

Tongue Cancer

What is Tongue Cancer?

What is Tongue Cancer? Tongue cancer is a type of oral cancer that develops mostly in the epithelial cells on the surface of the tongue

Skin Cancer

What is Skin Cancer?

What is Skin Cancer? Skin is one of the largest organs in our body. Skin cancer, also known as skin cancer, is a health problem

Lung Cancer

What is Lung Cancer?

What is Lung Cancer? Lung cancer occurs as a result of the uncontrolled proliferation of tissues and cells in the lungs, which enable the body


What is Colonoscopy?

What is Colonoscopy? Colonoscopy is an endoscopic procedure that allows viewing the inner surface of the intestines with a device called a colonoscope and, when


What is Chemotherapy?

What is Chemotherapy? Chemotherapy is a cancer treatment method used in modern medicine in which various drugs are given to the patient to kill cancer

Urinary Tract Infection

What is Urinary Tract Infection?

What is Urinary Tract Infection? Urinary tract infection is a type of infection that can occur in the urinary tract area of the body, bladder,


What is Cupping?

What is Cupping? Applied in hospitals, clinics or any health center that has permission to apply this treatment, cupping is the process of drawing dirty

Kidney Stone

What is Kidney Stone?

What is Kidney Stone? A kidney stone is an irregularly shaped solid mass or crystal that can be as small as a grain of sand


What is Kidney Inflammation (Pyelonephritis)?

What is Kidney Inflammation (Pyelonephritis)? Kidney inflammation, also known as “pyelonephritis,” is an infection of the kidneys. This condition occurs when bacteria reach the kidneys

Kidney Failure

What is Kidney Failure?

What is Kidney Failure? Kidney failure is the final stage of chronic kidney disease. It is also called end-stage renal failure (ESRD). It is a

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