Breast Reduction

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Breast Reduction

Breast reduction is a procedure that removes excess fat and skin from the breasts to create a smaller size, and more proportionate appearance.


Large, heavy breasts can be painful, cumbersome, cause chaffing of the skin under the breasts and even aggravate existing back or shoulder problems. For some women, it makes dressing or looking good in clothing more difficult and reduces their positive self-image. It usually requires relatively long scars, but patient satisfaction is generally extremely high after a successful breast reduction surgery. Many patients also report an improvement of symptoms that include back pain, bra strap irritation, and neck pain.

During the Surgery

Breast reduction surgery takes about 3 to 4 hours to complete, and is performed under general anesthesia. There are several possible techniques for a breast reduction. More recent techniques involve moving the nipple on a pedicle of breast tissue after the breast and skin tissue removal. There are other techniques, such as the short-scar reduction, which involve less extensive incisions and scarring, which may be appropriate for certain patients. Our doctors, will work with each patient during their consultation to find the best technique for their procedure.


A few days after surgery, any bandages that are applied are removed. Patients are required to wear a support bra or compression bandage to help support and position the breasts. They will feel tight as the skin and muscle adjusts to the new breast size. Swelling fades within a few weeks. The scars will be pink for several weeks, but fade over several months. Patients will be able to go about light daily activities after the first few days, but more aerobic recreation should be delayed for about 3 weeks. Most patients return to their jobs within 2 weeks unless their job requires lifting or aerobic activity.

Breast Reduction FAQ

Combine With Other Procedures?

Breast reduction can be combined with liposuction,rhinoplasty, oil injection.

When Can I Go Back To Work?

Every person recovers differently. The recovery period depends on how many procedures were performed at the same time. The average return to work for the standard breast reduction is 1 week.

When Can I Exercise?

The average return to routine exercises is no sooner than 2 months. The swelling after breast reduction surgery requires more time to heal.

Bra Shopping?

Patients should wait to be fitted for bras until 2 months after surgery. As the breast shape accustoms to the reduced volume, the fit may change if patients try to buy bras any sooner.

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