What Good is Sinusitis ?

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What Good is Sinusitis ?

Severe headache around the eyes, fullness and weight, nasal discharge, dry cough, nasal congestion  Sinusitis, which causes all these complaints, is more common in the winter season, especially in closed environments. The air dried due to airlessness and heating systems in indoor environments weakens the immune system of the nasal mucosa and makes the nose vulnerable to infections such as viruses and bacteria. The incidence of upper respiratory tract infection is more common in winter. Therefore, being in closed environments triggers the spread of infection. But even the simplest infections can result in sinusitis.

Ventilate your environment frequently

Sinusitis is increasing in winter. Exposure to infection risk due to lack of time and ventilation in airless rooms leads to this increase. Therefore, ventilate the enclosed areas frequently. Take care to get fresh air.

Protect from wind and cold

A significant change in the wind and the inhalation of dry air is another reason that increases the risk of sinusitis. For this reason, keeping the mouth and nose closed in windy weather is important to prevent the nose from drying out and to avoid exposure to cold.

Moisten your nose

When nasal dryness, congestion and environmental factors are added, sinusitis may be inevitable in the days following upper respiratory tract infections. Therefore, it is important to moisten the nose with water. It is often necessary to use moisturizing fluid if it is too dry.

Watch your clothes in the heat change!

Another important point you need to pay attention to to protect against sinusitis is to chill while sweat and remove excess when you enter the indoor environment. Because the sudden changes in temperature are becoming a predisposing factor for infections.

Sudden 6-degree changes in ambient temperature increases the risk of developing upper respiratory tract infections that can lead to sinusitis. Microorganisms break the barrier of mucosa very easily with this sudden change of temperature and make it easier for bacteria and viruses to enter the body.

Heated wet towels

Air is drying in hot environments. Dry air also weakens the immune system of the nasal mucosa and makes the nose open to upper respiratory tract infections. To avoid this situation, it may be enough to put a wet towel on the heating core in warm environments.

Increase the humidity of the air conditioner

Air-conditioned areas also create a feeling of dryness in the nose of the mucous membranes of the immune system is weakened. In air conditioning systems, keep the humidity rate at the optimum ambient air rate.

Eat plenty of water and fruit

Daily fluid intake should be mainly with drinking water and fruits. In addition to vitamins and water metabolism in fresh fruits, it is also important for our immune mechanism.

Smoking also stops the nose functions!

The ingredients in cigarettes have a destructive effect on the nasal mucosa.  The mucous membrane of the nasal mucosa and the sinuses show continuity of the mucosa. It has a great moisturizing, slippery and particle-retaining function. Smoking stops these functions. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid smoking and drink.


What is Sinusitis ?

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