What is Sinusitis ?

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Sinusitis, nasal congestion, facial pain, nose and nasal discharge, headache is manifested by problems such as. It may cause facial pain and dark runny nose if it is chronic.

Usually after the upper respiratory tract infection after the mouth of the sinus is caused by blockage, but many other factors can cause sinusitis.

For example, pollen in spring and summer triggers sinusitis and can cause a nightmare for people with allergic rhinitis.

Allergy-induced sinusitis becomes chronic if untreated and should therefore avoid exposure to pollen.

For this reason, people with allergic body, pollen is most intense between the hours of 05.00 – 10.00 unless you have to go out, if it is not possible to be protected by a mask and glasses.

What Are The Other Factors That Lead To Sinusitis, A Major Health Problem Today?


Sinus infection is the most common cause of adenoviruses, in other words, a group of DNA viruses that cause diseases of the upper respiratory tract.

Adenoviruses are more likely to cause sinusitis as they lead to more sinusitis. Taking the necessary precautions to prevent outbreaks and making vaccines prepared annually for influenza reduces the risk of illness.

The Relationship Between Allergic Rhinitis And Sinusitis

Permanent and seasonal allergic rhinitis causes 10 to 20 percent sinusitis. Allergy-related nasal mucosa edema causes swelling of the turbinates and narrowing of the nose airway.

As a result, sinus mouth tracts narrow down to increase viral and bacterial infection.

Especially in seasonal allergies, a rapid edema occurs and a nasal mucosa reaction occurs. Nasal congestion and edema increase with the sneezing, and this leads to the growth of bacteria easily.


As the anatomical structure of the nasal cartilage, bone and turbinate narrows the nasal passages, as in allergies, the nasal passages narrow, causing an infection in the sinuses.

Normally, the air passing through the nasal passage is cleaned by the turbinates and its temperature is adjusted according to the body. However, in the presence of deviation, air cannot pass through the nasal passage and sinus is triggered.


Allergic rhinitis caused by polyps of the nasal mucosa, narrowing of the sinus mouth and nasal passages can initiate infection of the sinuses.

Since the secretions secreted by the polyps cover the mucous membranes of the nose and sinuses, because they cover the receptors of the olfactory cells, the air intake decreases and the smell decreases.

Large Turbinates In The Nose

Turbans are larger than structures in the nose. By narrowing the nasal passage, they may cause congestion in the sinus mouth and infection in the sinuses.

From Reflux To Immune System Failure

Factors such as immune system insufficiency, gastroesophageal reflux, and cystic ribrosis can rarely cause sinusitis.

In addition, some infections and treatments of the upper teeth can prepare the ground for sinusitis..


What Good is Sinusitis ?

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