Iron Vitamin Deficiency in Children

Iron Vitamin Deficiency in Children

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Iron Vitamin Deficiency in Children

Iron Vitamin Deficiency in Children; Iron deficiency is one of the most common health problems in childhood. Although it is common in the neonatal period, feeding errors are also important in the emergence of the disease. Neglecting iron deficiency causes many problems, from weakening of the immune system to mental problems.

Iron Requirement Increases in Newborns From 6th Month

There are three main points of iron deficiency anemia.

  • Less intake
  • Infection in the stomach and intestinal systems
  • Consumption losses.

Although there is iron in breast milk, iron deficiency occurs especially from the sixth month due to the rapid growth of the child in the first months. And the need becomes more difficult to meet.

A baby born with an average weight of 3 kilograms weighs between 9-10 kilograms at the age of 1 year. This means a 3-fold increase. With the consumption of vitamins and minerals suitable for this increase rate, the diet may not always meet the need.

Especially if breast milk is not given fully, cow’s milk is in question and feeding is wrong, this situation becomes even clearer.

Beware of Children Licking Slippers and Walls

As the extent of iron deficiency anemia increases, children begin to experience behaviors such as eating the soil at the bottom of the pots or outside, licking slippers and walls.

After that;

  • Unrest,
  • Developmental disorder,
  • Increased heart rate leading to heart failure revealed on physical examination,
  • Enlargement in the liver

Such symptoms are also added.

If iron deficiency anemia lasts for a long time, during the school period;

  • Forgetfulness,
  • Bad temper,
  • Loss of appetite with insomnia

It gains an important dimension.

Families Should Be Conscious About This

Children with signs of iron deficiency are first given a detailed blood test. Although the treatment of children with iron deficiency varies according to age and weight, 3mg – 5mg iron supplementation per day is started.

This treatment takes at least one to two months. The most important aim of the treatment is; It should be taught to families how and with which foods to give iron.

For this, the following rules should be observed:

  • When it is said to be taken on an empty stomach, many families sometimes think of ‘hunger’ just before a meal. However, the hunger in question is between two meals.
  • On the fifth day of the treatment, it is checked whether a cell showing the effect of iron in the blood is multiplying or not. For this, tests should not be neglected. If there is an increase, it is understood that the treatment is on the right track.
  • Treatment should be continued until the values return to normal by checking the iron levels at regular intervals.
  • If iron treatment is neglected, there will be an increase in infections, an increase in immune system and mental health disorders.
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