What is Stomach Filler?

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What is Stomach Filler?

Filler, which is used in facial rejuvenation, was also used in the fight against obesity.

Filler application in the stomach, which was approved by Norwegian scientists after long researches, started to be used in Turkey in Europe and America.

After the studies, it was determined that the body can lose about 10% of weight in 5-6 months with filler injections.

The effect of the procedure is to temporarily stop the muscles and nerves in the stomach. This takes longer to digest. The feeling of hunger decreases. The desire to eat decreases.

Here the muscle layer is affected. The gastric emptying time is prolonged.

Ideal for Afraid To Surgery

Stomach Filler is a very good option especially for people who are afraid of surgical procedures.

People who have difficulty in dieting, who are seriously incompatible with diet, who do not make a mess of the star with the diet, form the ideal group of patients for this technique.

It is a method that can be recommended for those who have health problems and who fail to lose weight.

Operation Period 20 – 30 Minutes

After gastroscopy, if there is no serious problem in the stomach,  Filler process is started. It is a technique that is performed during gastroscopy when the stomach is examined. The average duration is between 20 or 30 minutes. It doesn’t require hospitalization.

The day after the procedure, you can go to the workplace. The technique has no side effects and the patient can return to his social life on the same day. By injecting to a very large area of the stomach, the muscles of the stomach become ineffective.

When the muscles that provide contraction in the stomach cannot make this feature, the foods can stay in the stomach for a long time. Normally, carbohydrates can be discharged in 2-4 hours when taken together with proteins, and after this administration, gastric emptying time can progress up to 12 hours.

There is also a hunger hormone that we call Ghrelin. This hormone is mostly in the upper part of the stomach, dome-shaped and secreted therefrom. Some of the injections are made to this area. After this injection, the level of fasting hormone levels can be significantly reduced.

In this way, patients’ appetite decreases and the feeling of satiety in the stomach grows longer. Therefore, the patient is starting to lose weight.

Who can apply the Stomach Filler Procedure?

Technically, it’s a technique that can be applied to anyone. However, it is not recommended to be applied in cases such as stomach ulcer, gastritis, duodenal ulcer in patients with Filler allergy and this problem should be corrected first.

For these reasons, gastroscopy should be evaluated before the stomach. Nausea and bloating after the procedure may be very common. The first 6 months after Filler treatment should be well evaluated.

The average duration of Filler is 4-6 months. The repetition of Filler in the next period depends on the general condition of the patient.

For example, the patient may lose 75-80 kg and 7-10 kg during this time. This means that she reaches her ideal weight at the end of 6 months. If the health problems also improve, there is no need to renew the filler.

However, they are asked to continue with the diet and sports program. If it is necessary to lose weight again after 6 months, Filler can be repeated and success is achieved.

Filler is very comfortable to apply for up to 3 sessions.


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