Breast Reduction

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Breast Reduction

Breast reduction; It is done to eliminate the discomfort felt due to the fact that the breasts are larger than normal.

Because of the size of their breasts, they are hunchbacked. Shoulder pain and back pain complaints increase after a certain period of time.

Instead of giving women an aesthetic appearance, breast reduction surgery is performed due to health problems.

Even thin women want to have this surgery because they cannot find suitable clothes for their bodies due to their large breast tissue.

It is usually very common in women with excessive growth in breasts after childbirth and pregnancy. Sometimes many girls who have not given birth complain that their breasts are out of proportion to their bodies.

In order to reduce normal mammals and reach the ideal nipple, large-sized mammals undergo breast reduction or breast reduction surgery.

Although this surgery is performed to improve quality of life and health problems, plastic surgeons also plan to give an aesthetic shape. They make your breasts small, visually beautiful and aesthetic. After the application, the person feels a great physical relief. They are relieved of a great burden on them.

For men, breast reduction surgery is also called gynecomastia.

When do breasts grow or sag?

  • Congenital causes,
  • Breasts enlarge due to the formation of milk during pregnancy,
  • At the end of the breastfeeding period, the breasts sag,

Each breast consists of milk ducts, adipose tissue and carrier connective tissue. The strength of the ligaments that carry the breasts of each woman is different, and breast growth is different between adipose tissue and milk tissue.

They are innate traits. From a young age, your breasts can become very large. If you lose weight too fast, you will see mammoth growth along with other parts of your body. As the age of the person progresses, hormonal factors decrease in the breast.

Breast Reduction Procedures

Since each woman’s breast volume and nipple are different, the technique applied to each person is different. Expectations of individuals, breast tissue and tissue characteristics, milk feeding characteristics and technique are also important.

Some women have only a vertical line from the nipple, a perpendicular line from the nipple to the woman, and a horizontal incision under the breast.

It is called an inverted T. If some women have breast features, only fat reduction can be performed. In this method, no incision is made. The smaller the size problems in the breast, the fewer incisions are made in the person.

Where are the Scars in Breast Reduction Surgery?

How the catheter methods are applied is a very technical aesthetic surgery.

At the end of a year, these scars begin to take on skin color. There is no problem in these scars that occur after the surgery due to reasons such as back-shoulder pain, not walking fast, hunchback, and weight problems experienced by women.

After surgery, women can walk fast. They can start to stand upright. Since they have proportional breasts, they do not look overweight.

The distance between the location of your nipple and the position that should be in normal standards is very important in determining the surgical technique.

When you see your before and after breast reduction surgery photos during your procedure, you will think that you will have a pre-nursing surgery with beautiful new shapes of the breasts.

Patients with a large breast size are not bothered by less common scars when viewing photos. When looking at photos, they notice shrunken and erect breasts.

Some women experience visual disturbances not only because of the size of their nipples, but also because of changes in the position of the nipple. During the surgery, the nipple is moved to the nipple instead of the new one, while the surgeries are discarded.

If there is too much fat under the armpit near the breast, doctors will save you from these fats. During this procedure, the fat in your armpit is also removed in the direction of your throat. Most people think their arm will be taken away.

The practical and theoretical knowledge-experience of a plastic surgeon is very important for breast reduction surgery.

Breast Reduction Surgery Without Operation Trace

If some women’s breast characteristics are appropriate, the fat reduction process can be performed using only the fat removal method. Since there is no incision in this method, there is no scarring.

What should be done before and after breast reduction surgery?

  • Make sure you consult with the plastic surgeon you have discussed in detail, whether you have received good information.
  • You should leave the cigarette 1-2 weeks in advance.
  • The surplus in your breasts is taken in this surgery.
  • You may have surgery at least 6 months after your breastfeeding period.
  • There will be traces according to the applied incision method. The traces will become unclear one year after the operation.
  • But it will not disappear completely. It is not possible to apply in aesthetic and other surgical operations without incision in all of the surgical operations.
  • Breast reduction, breast characteristics, age will be the operation according to the traces. The first times are pinkish red. Then the skin will turn into color. You will observe it as if you were drawn with a nail.
  • In the early period after breast reduction surgery, the scars may be darker and more prominent. Within 6-12 months after breast reduction surgery, the scars of the operation will become very faint and close to the skin color.

The Operation

With general anesthesia, it takes 3-4 hours and you stay in the hospital for 1 day. Once you have a room, your patient will rest.

Your doctor will evaluate your breast ultrasound and mammography tests before surgery. Breastfeeding varies according to the planned operation. If you have a birth plan, share it with your specialist.

Like many normal-sized women, people who do not have surgery have large breasts and cannot breastfeed unless they have surgery. Consult a specialist if you have the right to breastfeed, so do not delay your surgery.

Breast reduction surgery techniques are decided according to the people who have a birth plan. Your doctor will determine the appropriate method for breastfeeding.

It is normal to have swelling and edema in your breasts for the first 10 days. It may be 4-7 weeks. You can drive after a week. In the first week, there may also be pain in arm movements. This is a normal situation.

Do not lift heavy objects in the first 3 weeks. If you have a child at home, our surgeon will give you the advice you need when you are discharged.

Numbness is normal in the first months. You should abstain from sexual intercourse for a few weeks. Each doctor’s decision to have surgery during the menstrual period is different.

If you have any health problems and medications you use, share them with your doctor before the surgery. Do not leave your anesthesia checks to the last day.

During the rest period you spend at home, use the prescribed medications completely. Don’t panic while taking a bath. Pay attention to your cleanliness after giving your doctor a bath. It will prevent germs from getting caught in the groin area.

When traveling

Do not force yourself to carry your luggage. Be sure to ask for help.

Do not force yourself to reach the kitchen shelves. Do not hesitate to get stool-chair assistance.

You will have a hardness tension in your skin because you are a new operation and you have a cut. Prefer easy-to-wear clothes. We recommend you to wear clothes such as shirts when you are discharged from your hospital to your home, you are not under armchair, you do not have to raise your arms in the air.

Arm movements restrict you in the first days. In the days to come, you will not remember when you are traveling with your beautiful breasts.

Do not forget

That esthetic breast reduction operations are the most commonly performed surgery for the health problem. If it is an aesthetic surgery, it is an important surgery.

This is the percentage we recommend in the above items. Patients do not see aesthetic surgery as an operation. It should be remembered that a surgical procedure is performed under operating room conditions. Your breasts are important.

People who have breast reduction surgery are always happy when they look in the mirror. You will get rid of the bangs that you had to squeeze your breasts. You will also use medication after the operation, consult your doctor or pharmacist.

Keep in mind that cigarette delayed your healing process. After your surgery you should pay attention to protein-fed diet.

The most beautiful drug of every disease is the resting period. The most beautiful drug of every disease is the resting period. It is important that you rest, not get tired.

But that does not always mean yatch. You should continue your life without hurting yourself. Let’s not always be in surgery, sleep is the most beautiful energy storage resources. You should pay attention to healthy sleeping times that medicine has determined.

You should be hungry when you come to the patient’s room. The hospital health team will specify when you will eat.

There will be medical bra on you. Your use depends on the decision of your plastic surgeon. After you become a battalion, you will be in control. Obtaining your controls is important for the healing process.

What should be considered in breast reduction surgery?

The plastic surgeon’s skill is important in this operation. It is very important to be a doctor who observes your skin elasticity, has many operations, and can plan correctly.

We ask you to write down a questionnaire to avoid forgetting questions about the question of breast reduction surgery before the examination, the medications you have used, the surgeries you have undergone and the health problems you are experiencing.

If you look in the same way and write about what kind of breast you want from the photographs of other people you have seen and what changes you want to write in this book, you have already told your expectations completely.

When the doctor evaluates you, he will ask you if you are giving birth, if you do not want to make a child, when your mammals start to grow too much. While evaluating you, he will see your tits and decide. Each person has a different breast shape.

Please specify exactly how much you smoke. Sometimes people can say a small amount. Your health is important to everything.

You can ask your questions without hesitation even if the information about the stuffing is absurd. You will get the right information about the subject and you will be examined by a theoretical knowledgeable specialist.

Breast Reduction

We advise you not to go with your relatives who will give you positive support, do not look pessimistic, and worst of all. Since you have an aesthetic operation with the cause of health problems, even if you are ready to have an ambulance with confidence, your stress – you can be excited.

Negative-unhappy people can make you more stressed. It is important that you ask for your own expectations about your breast surgery. It is the first step to your happiness that you do not allow your relatives to influence you.

Breast Augmentation and Lift

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