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Non-Surgical Face Lift Methods

Face lift is a laser face lift method that is effective by heating the skin and subcutaneous tissue with laser systems.

When the skin and subcutaneous tissue are heated with the laser, the collagen shortens and the skin is stretched. When collagen is heated to 50-60 degrees, its length begins to shorten. Then, collagen production starts again in the shortened collagen area of the skin.

Thus, subcutaneous regeneration occurs under the skin and in the application area. When applied with PRP laser, Salmon DNA, hyaluronic acid vaccine, mesolift, the non-surgical face lift process doubles.

It is possible to return to work and social life immediately after the procedure. On average, 2 to 4 sessions should be applied. Its effect lasts 1.5 – 2 years.

Facelift with Micro Focused Ultrasound (Ultraskin)

It is a method of performing facial stretches without affecting the skin and subcutaneous tissue by sound waves. In particular, sagging cheeks, loss of jaw clarity, is an application which may be preferred on bright days.

Sound waves have the ability to reach subcutaneous tissue without injuring the skin. It is possible to achieve the desired tissue under the skin by adjusting the doses.

Thus, the sound waves that can reach the subcutaneous SMAS tissue, which are used in the facial glands during surgery, are affected by this tissue.

The effect of facial ultrasound, which occurs immediately after the lifting function, reaches its maximum in the third month.

Focused ultrasound may provide the most effective results in combination with a filler in patients who are tired or slipped from the face, and in patients with loose skin, in combination with laser fluids, in patients with food.

The non-surgical lifting effect of ultrasound ultrasound lasts 1 to 1.5 years and is applied in one session.

What is Focal Ultrasound (Ultraskin)?

Focused ultrasound is a non-surgical facial skin rejuvenation method in which sound waves are used. It is refers to focused sound waves. Focused sound waves travel down to the lowest layers of the skin, allowing the skin to recover and tighten. It also stimulates collagen synthesis in the upper and middle layers of the skin, thereby rejuvenating the skin.

What Complaints can be Resolved with Ultrasound Treatment?

  • Loosening and sagging in the jaw area,
  • Loss of the jaw line,
  • Cheek sagging in the corners of the mouth,
  • Sagging skin around the neck and eyes,
  • Low in the eyebrows,

What is the Skin Stretching Mechanism of Focus Ultrasound Treatment?

  • Lasers used for skin rejuvenation cannot descend below a certain skin depth. The focused ultrasound reaches the fascial tissue under the skin 4.5 mm.
  • Laser and radio frequency devices cannot penetrate that deep into the skin. Fascination is an area that has intervened to restore the skin during skin stretching operations.
  • Focused ultrasound therapy focuses on the lower part of the skin, creating heat fields that narrow the fascia. Due to the narrowing of the fascia, recovery is observed in areas of the skin after treatment.
  • Since focused ultrasound also increases collagen in the skin, after the procedure, skin recovery continues to increase and peaks at the end of the third month.

Can Ultrasonic Skin Rejuvenation Methods Be Used Together?

After 15-30 days from the procedure, PRP, facial mesotherapy, microneedling, filling can improve the results of the procedure.

Who can do Ultrasound Therapy?

Focused ultrasound devices affect 3-4.5mm skin. This percentage actually results in skin tightening at the lowest tissue levels, compared to other laser and radio frequency methods.

People with loose, hanging skin on the face and neck may have a focal ultrasound. Targeted ultrasound can be done after age 35 with eyebrows, jaw, sagging cheeks, sagging jaw, and complaints of loss of clarity. Those who do not want to be operated on may prefer ultrasound focusing.

How Many Sessions Should Be Applied To a Focused Ultrasound (Ultraskin) and How Long do The Sessions Last?

Only one ultrasonic session is performed. Processing time is 30-60 min.

How Long After Ultrasound Treatment can we Return to Work and Social Life?

Focused ultrasound does not cause redness, flaking and peeling on the face. Thus, you can return to professional and social life shortly after the application.

What are The Side Effects of Focus Ultrasound Treatment?

Because Focus is an application that goes deep into the skin of the ultrasound, it is not performed in areas where important nerves pass.

It can be applied in the summer because it does not peel the outside of the skin. Exaggerated and uncontrolled applications can occur in bony areas on fat. If this is done according to protocol, there is no problem.

The Application of Focal Ultrasound (Ultraskin) is not Suitable for Anyone?

Overdose of focused ultrasound may not produce the desired results. It is not suitable for people with very thin face and low fat.

How Long Does The Focus Ultrasound Treatment Last?

The focus ultrasound effect is permanent. However, the effect lasts for 1.5 to 2 years as aging continues. It is a long lasting application.

Can Focus Ultrasound (Ultraskin) Be Combined with Other Skin Rejuvenation Methods?

Focus ultrasonic padding and Filler Injection make the process effects more beautiful. Especially with the improvement of the filling of the cheekbones and the concentration of the Focus ultrasonic jaw line, a healthy and youthful appearance of the face emerges.

Facelift with Fractional Radiofrequency (Scarlet, Gold Needle, Gold Frequency)

Micro-needle radiofrequency method gives the skin a mechanical effect of needles and a heating effect of radiofrequency. Thanks to the micro-needles, the pores are reduced and the radio frequency tightens the skin.

The pore should be preferred for those who tend to sag with loss of elasticity with a wrinkle problem. It can be especially applied to those who have acne and acne scars in the past.

An average of three sessions should be performed. Session intervals are 3 to 5 weeks. In order to increase the activity of sagging face, PRP and laser should be applied together.

Simple Face Lift (Rope Strap, Spider Web Aesthetic)

The simple facelift method is one of the non-operative facelift methods. Over time, the foreheads are pushed back from the body and are permanent.

Persistent strands are a bit more effective, but they can be considered surgical procedures because they are permanent. Over time, thawed wires are used much more commonly.

Especially in the case where the lower jaw line is broken, it is effective in foods that are not too big. When microfocused ultrasound is added to the filling methods, the effect of the facelift becomes much more pronounced.

The rope method is weak, fat is not suitable for people with little. It should be preferred in the lower area of ​​the face.

Aesthetics of Gold Thread Without Stretching the Face

All of the methods called cordless facial stretching, spider web, hooking, or face-to-face stretching are the same as non-surgical facelifts. The threads used here are threads that have been used in surgical applications for years.

This is why they are safe. The threads placed under the skin which hang down and regenerate the skin are effective in the treatment of sagging skin and wrinkles.

What is The Characteristic of The Aesthetics of The Gold Thread and The Threads used in The Non-Operative Face Gauges?

It is used in the facial gland without any surgical intervention, after some time the fibers absorbed by the skin and having antimicrobial properties are used. Some wires are coated with gold, while others are faceless wireless. The golden touch increases circulation and offers more skin renewal.

How to Apply a Non-Surgical Facial Stretch with Gold Thread Aesthetics?

Each wire is connected to needles. Once the needle is inserted into the skin, the threads remain in the skin. In general, the threads are very incised. The lengths and construction of the wires are quite varied.

How Effective is The Facelift Without Aesthetic Gold Thread?

The threads under the skin trigger the skin repair process. Collagen, elastic fibers and circulation increase the tightness of the skin and the skin is restored.

The threads that act as a mechanical support for the skin dissolve in an average of 180 days. However, during this time, the skin self-regenerates. Yarn results show better on younger binders. The face is thinner and the lines seem more seated.

Can it Be Applied To Those Who Have Not Been Operated with a Gold Thread Aesthetic?

Those with facial sagging, body sagging, and wrinkles can do wireless facial stretches. Wireless facial stretching is mainly used on the face and neck. The nose-cheek line, sagging cheeks, sagging jaws, food, low eyebrows and neck may be preferred in the upper arms, inner legs, abdomen, and buttocks of the body.

Who Doesn’t Apply with a Golden Thread Aesthetic and No Stretching of the Face?

It does not apply to people with blood disorders, anticoagulants, patients with heavy cancer, people with severe diabetes, skin infections and inflammations, cold sores, auto-diseases. severe immune systems.

How Long Does it Take To Apply a Non-Surgical Facial Stretch with a Gold Thread Aesthetic?

Depending on the number of threads used, this can take 40 to 50 minutes in total, 25 to 30 minutes depending on the need for a non-surgical facelift. 30 minutes before the operation. the application of an anesthetic cream allows a comfortable passage.

How Does one Feel When Applying The Aesthetic of The Golden Thread and the Non-Surgical Facelift?

Very fine acupuncture needles are used on the face with non-surgical thread. The process is not that painful. Since the cream is applied beforehand, the procedure is comfortable.

When do We See The Results of The Aesthetics of The Gold Threads and The Non-Operative Facelift Treatment?

The results of the non-surgical facelift start to appear in about 2 weeks. Real results start to be visible after 2-3 months as skin renewal continues.

What Are The Side Effects of Golden Thread Aesthetics and Non-Surgical Facelift Application?

After the procedure, bruising and edema may develop. Some patients may feel tense or full. These complaints are back in a few days. As with any needle operation, there is a risk of infection and allergies to the threads.

How Long Does The Application of Gold Thread Aesthetics and Non-Surgical Facial Stretches Effect Work and Social Life?

The edema and bruising created by the process is not at the level that will affect work and social life. The bruise that develops after the procedure can be closed with makeup material.

What is The Duration of Action of The Sesthetics of The Gold Threads and the Non-Operative Lifting Treatment?

The effect of the non-operative thread lift is related to the age of the patient, the degree of sagging, the number and type of thread used. The effect in a single application is 10 months. If the application is made twice, the duration of the effect can be 2 years.

What Should Be Considered After a Golden Facial Aesthetic and a Non-Operative Facelift?

After the procedure, no hot bath is done on the same day. After applying the golden needle, daily application of ice reduces edema and violet. Bruising creams can be used to reduce purple to purple.

No further action should be taken for 2 weeks after the transaction. After the procedure, there should not be too much mimetic movements on the back for 2 weeks.

Lifting with Filling

Facial sagging occurs not only with skin loosening, but also with weakening of subcutaneous ligaments, fat and bone losses. At an early age, familial weakness on the cheek under the orbital socket, a tendency to bag, cheeks are either flat or sunken.

It is obligatory to provide padding and cheek and detention support in such complaints. In addition, with age, there is a loss of fat and bone in the cheeks and sideburns.

In such cases, the effect of other methods will not occur without changing the reduced volume. Apply face ties. Eliminate the effects of subcutaneous connective tissue.

In non-surgical facelift procedures, very good results have been obtained from the procedures performed by adding fillers after the age of 40-45. If the right areas are filled with filler, the face becomes younger. Instead of swelling, contractions occur.

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