Nipple Aesthetics

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Nipple Aesthetics

Nipple aesthetics is a small surgical intervention that can be performed with local anesthesia or general anesthesia. The nipple may be completely buried or collapsed. In addition, the nipple may be larger or wider than normal.

Nipple Collapse

There are connective tissues that provide movement around the nipple. There is an erect structure in the nipple that allows it to grow in hot, cold, breastfeeding or touching. If the muscle structure in these structures turns into fibrotic tissue, there will be no nipple movement due to fibrous tissues. It remains collapsed inside. This situation causes collapsed nipple formation.

What is Aerola?

Nipple (nipple), also known as areola; It is a structure with a pink-brown halo around it, with 14-17 milk ducts inside and providing an aesthetically pleasing appearance to the breast. It has a protrusion in the middle and it is elastic. There is a thin muscle tissue under the areola skin and with different stimulation (cold, sex drive, fear, contact with water, etc.) the protrusion on the nipple contracts and hardens.

Nipple Growth

The diameter of the nipple, that is, brown or dark colored structures, varies according to the size of the breast. However, in people with average breasts, the nipple diameter is around 4-5 cm. Sudden growths in the breasts or this diameter may expand in large breasts. Nipple growth, which is generally observed in large breasts, is reduced to normal levels while the breast is reduced with an operation from the nipple. However, if there is a diameter enlargement without breast size, only the brown part is reduced. Usually, the scars are not visible after the intervention.

How is Nipple (Nipple) Aesthetics Performed?

Sometimes there may be enlargement of the halo around the nipple or the angle of the protrusion may be changed or the nipple may be collapsed. In such cases, the nipple can be corrected with minor surgical interventions.

Different techniques are used in the treatment of nipple aesthetics. With the techniques applied, the milk ducts and ties that draw the nipple in are cut and the nipple is released. After the nipple is released, different tissues can be placed under it so that the complaint does not recur.

It is not recommended to use the technique of cutting the milk ducts in patients who are planning to give birth and breastfeed after nipple aesthetics.

Absence of Nipple

In some women, congenital, pregnancy, breastfeeding or nipple depressions may occur in a certain period of life. The nipple does not come out. If there is no congenital nipple, it may come out a little with breastfeeding. However, it may not always be at the desired level. Surgical removal of the nipple is already recommended for women with breastfeeding problems.

Apart from that, surgical intervention can be performed for those who do not have nipples in aesthetic sense. These surgical interventions can be entered around the nipple with a very small incision and the nipple can be taken out. It is an operation performed under local anesthesia or general anesthesia. In some cases, if the nipple does not come out at the desired level, the surgery can be repeated.

If there is not too much indentation in the nipple, the nipple can be removed by placing tissue under the breast without surgery in suitable patients. However, in these cases, as lactation will be affected, surgical treatment is more recommended.


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