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Correction of deformities in the abdominal region by surgical operation is called Abdominal Surgery. This operation, which can be applied to both women and men, offers a solution to your cracks, excess skin and subcutaneous fat tissues.

Excess skin is removed, fat is removed without touching, your muscles are stretched.

You may have gained a lot of weight. The skin may have lost its elasticity. Your abdomen may be sagging. Your abdominal muscles may be anatomically weakened.

All these problems disappear after tummy tuck surgery. Plastic surgeons correct your lower abdomen problems and make people happy with their surgical procedures.

Sometimes stubborn fat is hard to get rid of. Despite ideal body weight, there are some body deformities and excesses that make you visually unhappy when you look at them.

Tummy After Birth

An insoluble adipose tissue, muscle weakness and stretch marks are seen in women who have given birth. Childbirth affects the entire metabolism of a woman’s body.

The start of the breastfeeding process with the drug as birth begins to erode the adipose tissue. With breastfeeding, women begin to lose weight.

But some women don’t take it easy. When they look at the abdomen and hips, they see the excess. They become very unhappy psychologically. With easy weight loss, sagging occurs.

However, sometimes tummy tuck cannot be corrected by simply removing fat. Abdominal stretching procedures are applied to give an aesthetic shape to the abdomen. Abdominoplasty can be performed 1 year after birth.

You must be healthy for this surgery to be successful. Your previous surgeries, medications you use and smoking affect the surgery. Definitely share these problems with your doctor.

Since the excess skin in the abdomen is removed, there may be scarring in this operation. But this area remains in the cesarean section and bikini area.

Those who have this operation forget that it is a scar with the happiness of having a good body aesthetic. Over time, this trace may disappear.


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