Arm Lifting

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Arm Lifting

There are sagging and loosening due to many different reasons. More disturbing than the deformities in the other region.

The operations performed with the aim of  correcting the visual disturbances of the arms are called “arm aesthetic” or arm lifting surgery.

In arm aesthetics, the experience and correct evaluation of the doctor is very important. As long as the right patient selection is made, very successful results will emerge.

What are the appropriate methods for arm aesthetics?

There are two methods.

  •  With the liposuction method
  •  With the surgical incision method,

Liposuction can be done to save the arm area from fat. Excess fat is removed from the arm area with special cannulas. Vaser Liposuction method can be preferred to avoid sagging.

However, if there is both excess lubrication and looseness in the arm region, surgical operation is prescribed. By creating an incision, excess fat and skin are removed.

The scars are sewn by the surgeon in a small and invisible way.  Surgery is performed with minimal incisions and stitches.

After operation, you must use special corset for arms 3 or 4 weeks.

Things to know about the procedure

  • Before to surgery 12 hours you don’t eat and drinks anythings.
  • Doctor will draw your arms with pen  to determine the area to be operated.
  • Operation doing under general Anestesia.
  • Operation duraction for two  arms approx 2 hours.
  • Finish operation, 1 night will stay hospital for just check.
  • 1 day later, you will check out hospital and doctor will offer you some medicine.
  • 2 or 4 days later, doctor call you for last check.  For dress a wound and  remove the drains.
  • You can flight after last step.


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