Womens ‘Headache’ pain Menstrual Migraine

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Womens ‘Headache’ pain Menstrual Migraine

Menstrual migraine is no different from other migraine headaches, only some women have severe migraine attacks during menstrual periods and headaches are rare except for this period.

It is called menstrual migraine, especially in the menstrual period. The pain usually begins in the day before the menstruation may take a few days.

These pains have a negative effect on life because they are already strained during the menstrual period. Hormone regulatory therapy with preventive treatment is also applied for this pain.


  • Sleep regularly.
  • Stay away from stress.
  • Eat healthy.

Other factors triggering migraine before and during menstruation (alcohol, insomnia, hunger ..)

Pay particular attention to avoid.

Attack against migraine attack!

Sleep Regularly

The first thing you need to keep in mind is: Migraine doesn’t like insomnia at all! Those who sleep less are also friends with migraine attacks. Deviations from regular sleep bring you closer to migraine attacks. In order to avoid migraine attacks due to sleep factor, not only regular sleep but also a number of regulations called ‘sleep hygiene mig are important. Measures such as the heat of the bedroom, whether it is bright, heavy food before sleep and avoiding physical activity, not using tea or coffee in the evening, provide regular sleep and removes migraine attacks.

Do not pass the meal

Nutritional factors play an important role in migraine triggers. Migraine patients are advised not to skip meals. Because hunger triggers migraine. In addition, some foods can accelerate the development of personalized attacks. Even though different in each patient, yeast food and beverages, some types of cheese, canned foods, food containing additives, alcoholic beverages (especially red wine) and excessive coffee-tea consumption could ruin the whole day, sometimes as the main responsible for the attacks that lasted for several days. stand out.

Keep Pain Diary

Painful diarrhea in patients with a diagnosis of migraine gives the person a significant privilege regarding his or her disease. Thanks to this daily, patients marking a calendar the day when the attacks started, have some clues about the course of the disease. Thanks to these notes, the treatment of the patient is much easier by the doctor. The patient can also see the triggers more clearly and, by avoiding them, adapts to the primary principle of treatment.

 Migraine Triggering Factors

Migraine is a disease related to sleep and diet. In addition to these factors, stress plays an important role in the emergence of many diseases and can trigger migraine attacks. The patient’s level of stress increases the risk of developing a migraine attack. For this reason, stress or stress coping methods need to move away from stress. Even the physical environment of the person may cause the development of migraine attacks. The fact that the environment is as hot or cold as it is dark or bright can start the migraine attack.

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