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Lip Lifting 

Usually due to aging, sagging occurs on our face. There may be some sagging on the upper lip, especially on the eyelid, neck, cheeks. Apart from this, the nose and upper lip distance may cause discomfort to the person aesthetically.

For such requests, what we call lip lifting or lifting is performed. Apart from the surgical method, this procedure can also be performed by applying filling. But it is a temporary method that needs to be repeated. If this job is done surgically, it will remain permanent for life.

What is the normal distance between the nose and lips?

When the golden ratio is calculated, the ideal range for women is predicted to be between 12-15 millimeters. This length is a special measurement that can be decided after evaluating the entire face. If the length in this part is higher than it should be and if it causes discomfort to the person, surgery can be planned.

There are serious differences in facial proportions in men and women. The nose – lip distance is longer in men.

How is lip lift surgery performed?

During the upper lip lift surgery, excess skin is removed with a special planning made at the base of the nose in order to shorten the vertical length of the upper lip. An indistinct, concealable and usually undisturbed scar remains on the base of the nose. In some very rare cases, it may be necessary to remove the skin from the lip line. But the possibility of disturbing the stay here is slightly higher, especially in young patients.

It takes 45 minutes on average. It can be done under local anesthesia. Dressing is done for one day. Afterwards, an antibiotic cream can be applied to that area.

Basic Principles

  • The incision should be made properly and meticulously, so you should definitely have the operation done by a specialist doctor.
  • During the operation, the lips are shaped by removing the excess skin from under the nose. This process can take about 20-30 minutes.
  • After the application, sutures are placed in such a way that there is minimal scarring and the procedure is completed after the patient is kept under observation for 1 hour.

Care should be taken while suturing the incision applied during the procedure. Because the way the suture is placed significantly affects the healing process. Sutures are made subcutaneously. The incision is minimally closed in folds, so that no serious suture scars are formed.

What is the recovery process like in Lip Lift Surgery?

In the healing process of lip lift aesthetics, there is a slight swelling for 72 hours. It can be controlled with cold compresses on the upper lip. The healing of scars accelerates in a few weeks. Healing continues for about 6 months. Afterwards, the scars become vague.


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