What is Lip Lift?

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What is Lip Lift?

Lip lift is a surgical procedure that shortens the space between the nose and the upper part of the lip, known as the “philtrum”. It increases the amount of pink texture that appears, making the lips look fuller and more defined.

This process not only shortens the elongated upper lip and gives a rejuvenated appearance to the lip area, but also contributes to the vermilion, that is, the red lip turning upwards and making it appear fuller as if it has been filled.

The dream of all of us; It is an operation to reduce the size of the upper lip, correct the drooping lips and make the lip part prominent and visible.

Surgery, a tissue that starts under the base of the nose and extends to the lip is removed and the skin on the underside is brought towards the base of the nose and sutured.

In this way, the width of the skin part of the lip is reduced and the length is shortened.

Normally, the length of the lip in this area is between 15-25 mm. This length may vary according to the person, gender, structure and age. With lip lift surgery, it is possible to reduce this distance between 5-10 mm.

How is Lip Lift Performed?

The skin and subcutaneous fat tissue are removed and this area is repaired, provided that it is a length from the base of the nose to be proportional.

Lip lift is a procedure that takes half an hour under local anesthesia. 1 week after the lip lift, the stitches here are removed. After removal, a pink line forms at the base of the nose.

This line turns white over time in a very short time, just like the lines we do in open rhinoplasty and columella.

When it turns white, it does not cause an irritating problem since it is already in the area where the normal natural nose comes out of the face. The operation is also a permanent operation.

Who Can Have Lip Lift Surgery?

Lip lift surgery; It is performed in order to lift and clarify the lip, especially in patients where the upper lip is very thin, the red part is not clear, and the lip arc is very unclear when viewed from the opposite side.

Lip lift can be performed on patients whose lips are of normal size but who want it to look more lifted.  Surgery is performed on patients who aim to show their teeth more while talking and laughing.

Facial sagging occurs over time and with aging. In these patients, the lip length increases and the lip becomes thinner. For this purpose, lip lift surgery can be performed to make the patient look younger.

What is the Recovery Process After Lip Lift?

The person continues her normal activities. There will be swelling in the lip area that lasts for 3 days, this swelling will gradually decrease after that.

During this process, numbness of the lips, decrease in mobility, tension may be felt while laughing. However, the drugs to be used help the person to pass this process more comfortably.

Again, applying ice on the day of surgery will reduce swelling to a certain extent. If you wish, the patient can apply lipstick to her lips. During this whole process, daily activities are continued.


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