What is Cupping?

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What is Cupping?

Toxins entering our bodies for various reasons, chemicals, drug residues on foods are excreted through urine or sweat, residues that cannot be excreted by natural means accumulate under the skin. Cupping is the art of vacuuming and cleaning these wastes accumulated in connective tissue using intradermal incisions.


The oldest source about Cuppingis M.He. It dates back 3300 years. First in Macedonia, then in Greece, Cupping started to be made.M.He. Hippocrates, the founder of modern medicine who lived for 400 years, used Cupping to treat both internal diseases and general diseases.

Rasulullah (p.a.v) after the incident of our Lord Miraç, Cupping became more important as a treatment method. Ibn Abbas says: “Every time the messenger of Allah visits a congregation of Angels on the night of alayhissalatu vesselam Mirach, the Angels say:” continue to be Cupping! And command the Ummah that they should be crucified. “they used to say. (Tirmizi)

Complementary and traditional treatment has become popular in recent years. According to research, 1/3 of the population in the UK and nearly half in the US have a complementary and alternative treatment.

Cup therapy is one of the oldest treatment methods and is used in different parts of the world as a complementary treatment for chronic diseases that do not respond to conventional treatment.

Cup treatment is age and dry Cup treatment. In both applications, the cups are placed on the skin by creating negative pressure, and in the treatment of age trophies, blood is taken out by throwing scratches on the skin.

In our country, treatment has become legal with the regulation on traditional and Complementary Medicine practices, which was published in the Official Gazette dated 27.10.2014 and numbered 29158.


The reason for those who want to have Cupping done is usually collected in 3 categories.

  1. Those who had Cupping because his circumcision was seniye.
  2.  Those who have had Cupping to protect and strengthen the overall immune system.
  1. The ones who have had Cupping to help cure the disease.

For these reasons, the person who wants to have Cupping should first apply to a medical institution trained in Cupping. Systemic examination of the patient with old diseases and drugs should be evaluated.

Who Can’t Be Done?

  1. For those with deep anemia (HGB: under 9.5 mg)
  2. It is not done to people under 2 and over 70.
  3. On the mast of the heirs
  4. People receiving immunosuppressive treatment who have had an Organ transplant
  5. Open wound on top
  6. Thrombophlebitis patients
  7. Those with hemophilia
  8. Those with a history of bleeding/clotting disorder
  9. Pregnant and menstruating women
  10. It doesn’t apply directly to me and meat moles.

When Can Be Done?

In case of need, Cupping can be done in any of the 12 months regardless of season and day. The treatment which is built-in spring and autumn is more useful than the Cupping which will be built in winter and summer.

The treatment application of the Hijri calendar maybe 17,19,21.  It should be done in days, if not possible, at least in Hijri 13 to 25. it would be much more useful to try to match his days.

In case of need, the Hijri calendar application will not be valid. The patient may have a migraine, headache, back pain, knee pain, no matter what kind of pain occurs on the day of Cupping.

Sunday Monday Tuesday Thursday is the recommended day for Cupping. There are no Cupping on Friday and Wednesday.

How Many Times A Year Should Be Done?

For the first time, those who start to have treatment  done every month for 1 Session,12 months, without deceleration. If there is no special discomfort after the regular Cupping made every month for 1 year, it is very beneficial to have a minimum of 4-6 Cupping per year.

Healthy people should have Cupping 5 times a year. 3 of these should be in spring and 2 in autumn. There is no limit to this number for people who are sick.

What are The Benefits ?

It is a very good aid that we can use in the treatment of all diseases related to the deterioration of blood and blood structure. No disease or organ has nothing to do with blood. When blood values are improved, when the veins are purified, many diseases will heal spontaneously.

  • It opens up the blockage in the capillaries.
  • Cupping increases natural cortisone. Buddha allows the reduction of painful conditions after Cupping and even the elimination of pain.
  • Neck, neck, shoulder pain, lumbago, and sciatica
  • Strengthens the immune system, gives the body resistance.
  • It helps to balance blood pressure.
  • It is beneficial for cardiovascular disease and vascular stiffness.
  • Regular Cupping helps to remove gases and toxins from tissues.Regular Cupping increases skin brightness.
  • It regulates sleep, provides vigorous waking in the morning.
  • Helps to remove toxins and toxins from the blood.
  • It is good for extreme heat, burning, and cold in the feet and the organs below the waist.
  • Good for ear diseases such as Vertigo and tinnitus.


It is an extremely natural treatment that has no repercussions. In the traditional and complementary treatment methods, Cupping is easily used in the treatment of almost all kinds of diseases and is the highest in terms of benefits.

To avoid any side effects after the treatment. The treatment must be done in hospital conditions and by trained health workers.

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