Eye Shake (Nystagmus)

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Eye Shake (Nystagmus)

Eye Shake (Nystagmus), involuntary circular movements of the eyes. He could be watching a moving vehicle. Slow phase of eye shake; the patient is formed by the slipping of the eyes while continuing to look at the object.


If the eye shake is in a fast state, the eyes come to a sudden and rapid return to the place of loss. Itis may be horizontal (one side to the other side), vertical (top to bottom), or circular.

Eye flicker, which can occur without any cause, usually does not affect the vision. Eye shake may be a symptom of a disease.

Damage to the cerebellum, damage to the labyrinth zone in the inner ear, hereditary diseases or intoxication may occur. The condition that causes eye shake should be found and treated.

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