How to Give First Aid in Sun Shock?

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How to Give First Aid in Sun Shock?

First Aid in Sun Shock , Among the most obvious causes of heatstroke, rapid heart rate, delusions, loss of consciousness, nausea, vomiting, stomach cramps, excessive sweating, both hot and pale skin, dizziness, tiredness and weakness, muscle cramps and irritability. there are behavioral disorders.

First aid

Immediately take the person to a cool place and remove the clothes. Next, lay the person on their back and especially elevate the arms and legs. If the person does not have nausea and is conscious, add 1 teaspoon of carbanot and 1 teaspoon of salt into 1 liter of water in order to remove both water and salt white immediately and make the person drink. If you don’t have these ingredients with you, then you can also drink plain soda.

Who is Most Affected by Heat Stroke?

Of course, people of all ages face the risk of sunstroke. However, people with certain conditions may be much more sensitive to sunstroke.

These include those with diabetes, blood pressure, heart disease, cancer patients, kidney disease, psychological or psychiatric illnesses, people with a much lower than normal weight, people over the age of 65, people with a very normal weight, Children under the age of 5, pregnant women, people who constantly and unconsciously diet, and especially those who do not get enough water, the risk of heat stroke is much higher than other people.

What Precautions Should Be Taken In Summer?

  • Umbrellas or hats and sunglasses should be used outdoors at all times to avoid sunstroke.
  • Clothes should be chosen light-colored and non-sweating, if possible, according to the season or even the day.
  • During the day, plenty of water should be drunk continuously, especially outside.
  • The body must be kept clean at all times.
  • Meals should be eaten without skipping during the day.
  • The use of the district should not be done unnecessarily or unconsciously.
  • Avoid direct exposure to sunlight.

Remove Water From Ears

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