Fatty Liver

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Fatty Liver

The liver is one of our vital organs. One of the common problems in the liver is non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

A Mediterranean Diet Against for it

The number of non-alcoholic this disease is increasing worldwide. The main cause of the disease is unhealthy diet and a lifestyle away from movement.

On the other hand, shock diets applied to lose weight rapidly increase the risk of it. It’s, which is a rapidly increasing problem in the world, is seen in one out of every 4 adults in our country. And at least one out of every 2 people who are overweight has it.

Causes Cirrhosis

It is seen in two different ways: simple fat and liver inflammation due to fat (NASH). While 80 percent of individuals with simple fat do not experience a significant health problem, it causes liver inflammation due to fat in the rest.

It is observed that an average of 10 percent liver cirrhosis develops in individuals who develop liver inflammation due to fatty. Liver cirrhosis leads to liver cancer and therefore loss of life.

Recently, cases in which fatty liver is the factor in liver cancers requiring liver transplantation are increasing rapidly.

You have to Lose Weight to get rid of it, but …

It is known that about 80 percent of people with fatty liver are overweight, adult-type diabetes, insulin resistance and high blood fat.

On the other hand, not every overweight person has liver fat, and even very thin people can have liver fat.

Nowadays, rapid weight loss in shock diets applied for the sake of slimming also causes fatty liver.

Although various drugs have been investigated and tried to treat fatty liver, weight loss stands out as the only reliable and proven treatment for today.

Physical activity and diet are enough for this. However, weight loss should not exceed 1-1.5 kilograms per week. Because losing weight, faster increases this problem !

Avoid Western Diet Against Fatty Liver

So How Does Rapid Weight Loss Increase Fatty Liver?

During hunger, the breakdown of fat tissues in the body increases by means of certain hormones. These hormones; It activates enzymes that break down fats called triglycerides and accelerates their breakdown into fatty acids.

In this way, fatty acids released into the circulation return to the liver and turn back into fat called triglyceride and accumulate in the liver cells. For this reason, it is seen during long periods of hunger.

It is important to avoid a Western type diet rich in fat and carbohydrates against fatty liver and switch to a low-calorie “Mediterranean type” diet.

The use of herbal medicine, which is becoming widespread in the society, does not have a scientific meaning, even it can harm instead of benefit and cause loss of life.

For this reason, it is not recommended for the person to resort to these methods without consulting his doctor.


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