Causes of Breast Enlargement in Men

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What is Gynecomastia?

Gynecomasty, i.e. breast tissue size, caused by disorders in estrogen and testosterone balance, can often occur bilaterally, rarely unilaterally.

This problem, which is facing one in every 18 men in the world, is rapidly increasing. Unhealthy eating habits and inactivity lead this increase.

Avoid Fast Food

  • Insulin hormone release increases in the body due to the frequent consumption of fast-food diet and high-carbohydrate foods with a high glycemic index. This leads to fat storage in the body.
  • A certain part of the stored fat is concentrated in the breast tissue in men.
  • In addition, working in desk jobs where daily physical activity is limited, and the immobile lifestyle results in the inability to burn the stored fat and the increasing accumulation of fat.
  • The frequency of gynecomasty increases in three periods of life.
  • The first is the newborn period. In this period, with the effect of the estrogen hormone passing through the mother, 70 percent of newborn boys have gynecomasty, but then they completely regress.
  • The second is the period when the transition from childhood to adolescence is observed. Gynecomasty during this period occurs due to changes in the estrogen / testosterone balance in the body.
  • Gynecomasty occurs in 50-60 percent of men in this age group. Many of the gynecomasty cases observed during this period regress spontaneously.
  • Waiting for the termination of adolescence (mostly 18 years old) in cases that do not regress is to offer surgical treatment to the patient if there is no regression within two years after termination.
  • The third period is the old age period, 70 percent of men over 50 years old have gynecomasty.

How is Breast Enlargement Diagnosed in Men?

The incidence of gynecomasty increases with advancing age. After making the necessary evaluations in these patients, surgical treatment is recommended when appropriate.

While people state that they are disturbed by the growth and swelling in their breasts; sometimes growth can be accompanied by tenderness and pain.

Apart from physical findings, many patients complain of not being able to swim in the sea, swimming pool or wearing clothes that fit their narrow body in summer, while gynecomasty can negatively affect a person’s psychology by causing visual anxiety and embarrassment.

In the person applying with gynecomasty, the presence of a condition that causes gynecomasty is investigated. Blood and hormone tests are done.

If necessary, further investigations such as USG, MR or CT are performed. As a result of the examinations, if there is no underlying cause, surgical treatment is recommended.

Gynecomasty Surgery

In gynecomasty surgery, excess fat tissue in the growing breast tissue is removed by liposuction method. In liposuction, the skin is not incised.

Small holes are made in the areas where the liposuction cannulas enter, and each hole is closed with a single stitch at the end of the surgery.

Males have a small-sized mammary gland located under the nipple. Patients with enlarged breast glands (glands), liposuction may not produce the desired reducing effect.

In this case, the breast gland is removed with a small incision made at the junction of the skin with the dark part of the breast.

Patients whose breast skin has sagged too much and the size of the breast has increased, liposuction may not remove excess skin, so it may be necessary to remove excess skin.

One of the groundbreaking methods in gynecomasty treatment in recent years is laser liposuction method.

Unlike normal liposuction, laser energy is given to the subcutaneous tissue in this method.

In this way, the fat accumulated in the breast is broken down more easily and then taken out in accordance with the classical liposuction technique.

In patients where the skin is too saggy or the mammary gland is very large, it is necessary to remove these excesses by making an incision in old methods and leaving marks on certain parts of the body, and this requirement is largely eliminated today thanks to the tightening effect of the laser on the skin and breast gland.


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