What is Whitening Treatment ?

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Whitening Treatment

Whitening Treatment, it is everyone’s dream to have white teeth in their smile. It is now possible to laugh and cry without fear. Teeth show unwanted coloration for various reasons.

The fastest, easiest result is teeth whitening. Providing beautiful smiles is only possible with whitening. You may also have gaps between your teeth when you smile.

In this case, only whitening may not please you. You may not like your smiles. One of the new techniques of having beautiful smiles is the application of porcelain laminate teeth.

Porcelain laminate tooth is the process of filing and gluing a certain amount of teeth to the outer surface of a thinned tooth without cutting the teeth.

Without cutting your teeth, 0.3-0.7 mm of the front face is thinned and the porcelain tooth is adhered to the laminate.

It is adhered to the outer surface of a very thin, leaf-shaped (laminate veneer) tooth with a special adhesive. After the application, you can see your personalized smile at the same time.

You can have healthy, durable white and beautiful teeth. Before applying it to the mouth and teeth, which are effective in the aesthetic appearance of the face, a special smile design is planned for you.

How to Care for Porcelain Lamina

You should apply dental care to natural teeth.

Lamina application should not be damaged. For this, you should not grind your teeth, bite your nails, or bite pens or hard objects.

How Long are Porcelain Laminaes Usage

The porcelain lamina is life-long. It is used for many years as the first glued day. It is not affected by substances that affect the color of teeth, such as tea, coffee, or cigarettes. Dental stones do not form.

Porcelain Lamine How To Do Dental

If you decide to do so, the same day you will receive the measurement from the mouth. After the measurement, the waiting period is 5-6 days for sensitive work in the laboratory.

Afterwards, in your new examination, the porcelain laminae are placed in the mouth and glued. It is used for a lifetime. Even after years, people like the first day can use it.

Advantages of Porcelain Lamination

Porcelain laminates are a dental aesthetic application that does not cut teeth, but has natural translucency and natural tooth appearance.

There are no reflections on the gingival margin seen after the application of metal braced porcelain bridges.

You have a measure for your application, and you have a sticking test. You do not have to come a few times to practice.

Porcelain Lamina, Apply to whom?

  • For those who do not want to be the gaps between the teeth (diastema) For those who want to be happy with the color of their teeth,
  • For those who want to change the structure, structure and color of their old padding,
  • If there are those who are not satisfied with the tooth size, if there are small ones,
  • Those who are unhappy with fractures and cracks,
  • If you look at it, if you have coloring that can not be solved with cosmetic procedures and that makes you unhappy,
  • Common bruises, if present in the front teeth,
  • If Orthodontic Treatment is not being considered and it is disturbing to embarrassment,
  • For those who want the appearance of wear on the teeth to be beautiful,
  • For those who wish to have a beautiful and harmonious appearance in the vertical dimension of the teeth,
  • By viewing porcelain lamina before and after tooth applications, you can better determine your expectations.
  • With a beautiful aesthetic communication with a professional dentist, you can not imagine the smile design you want ..

Pink Aesthetic – Aesthetic of Dental and Smile

The tooth color is good, the teeth are compatible with each other, gum problems happen. Gum problems can also prevent aesthetic appearance while smiling.

The gums are healthy, their teeth are harmonious, and the color and aesthetics are complemented. Smile design is the most important first step in the design of a smile aesthetic, to plan a beautiful future, a clean and harmonious smile.

If only a treatment for gum problems is made, this practice is called Pink Aesthetic. It is aesthetics of reshaping gums and giving them a new look.

When people look at the same person, they are not satisfied with the appearance of the mouth and teeth when they look at the smile in a photograph, but they can experience psychological disturbances and lack of self-confidence.

While dentists are planning the smile design for the individual, they take care to look everywhere from the tooth to the tooth color, to the harmony of the tooth from the tooth color.

The aim of the smile design is to make a smile that is healthy and aesthetic. They evaluate the mouth region, face region, age, lips, sex as a whole.

After planning and applying the smile symmetry to the person-specific design, they attach importance to the lip thicknesses.

They may suggest a lip fill applied by plastic surgeons for the aesthetic appearance of the mouth. Male and female anatomy are different from each other. Design is important in gender.

To Be Made With Smiley Design:

  • The voids resulting from missing teeth are completed.
  • The tooth whiteness is eliminated.
  • The teeth are arranged with each other.
  • Corrections for gums are made.
  • The size or thinness of the lips is matched to the facial features.
  • Elastic appearance caused by face, lips and missing teeth is eliminated.


Implant is the treatment of missing teeth with loss of aesthetics and functions. The section where the dental implants are placed is the jawbone. For this reason, it is best to place it in order to stop the erection of the jawbone.

Artificial tooth root made from specially produced material. It is the most effective treatment accepted by today’s dentists. The reason for placement in the jawbone is that, when you start using dental implants at the end of treatment, the comfort in your natural mouth movements is ensured.

It is a fast, fast, easy, painless and practical application thanks to the technological materials produced thanks to the researches made in envy. To maintain, daily brushing of teeth and use of towers is sufficient.


In some people, there are closure disorders and confusions that will affect the aesthetic image.

Orthodontic treatment can eliminate these problems. Some people require both orthodontic and orthognathic surgery to treat skeletal disorders.

Dentists experienced in Orthodontics provide solutions to treat and prevent tooth and facial disorders.

When parents are examined by their Orthodontic Specialist in the development of their chin, they can prevent future tooth and facial disorders by helping their children to be in the right positions by helping the jaw development.

A treatment plan is made according to the problems of people. Planning determines the duration of orthodontic treatment.

This planning also determines the fee for orthodontic treatment. Orthodontic prices are determined according to the planning of the examiner.

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