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Restylane  , is one of the best alternative types of collagen, and is injected to improve wrinkles and folds significantly. Restylane is naturally present in the skin as well. It contains hyaluronic acid, which gives the skin its full, healthy appearance.

As the age progresses, the proportion of this substance decreases and the skin begins to shrink. Restylane is better than collagen because it lasts for 6-12 months.

It does not cause allergies such as collagen, but there are some side effects after the injection, such as nausea, headache and muscle weakness, but in a very small proportion of patients .

You may need to keep your skin as clean as possible, and you may want to use anti-inflammatories in the injected areas to avoid increased inflammation. To maintain the result of injection, the hyaluronic acid content in the body should be kept as high as possible. Using creams and natural substances that contain this substance like Japanese Seaweed.

Calcium Hydroxylapatite

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