How is Implant Treatment Done?

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How is Implant Treatment Done?

1-What is an Implant?

Implants or dental implants are structures in the form of screws or roots made of titanium that are placed in the jaw bones and are intended to heal around the bone and accept it as a part of itself.

2-How is Implant treatment applied?

Implants are made by opening slots in the appropriate position, diameter and length for the implant, which is planned to be performed in the jawbone by a surgical procedure.

Since Implant placement is a surgical procedure, the quality of the materials used, the provision of sterilization and hygiene conditions of the environment is one of the most important criteria. For Implant surgery, it is sufficient to numb the area with local anesthesia.

3-How Long Does Implant Treatment take?

One week is enough for Implant treatment. In addition, the self-dissolving suture can be treated in a day, but in this case temporary prosthetics can not be done. The first stage of your treatment is implant treatment, the second stage is 3-6 months between the implant is expected to boil to your bone and then within a week the porcelain will be placed on the implant.

The Implant is a surgical procedure. It is performed under local anesthesia and the construction time of a single implant is approximately 10-15 minutes.

We can consider this as the patient’s sitting time on the couch. After the start of an implant until the end of time is only 3-4 minutes. The patient does not feel pain during this time.

That area is completely lethargic. Within 2-3 hours, the numbness will go away, and during this time, the patient will easily overcome this process with painkillers that he will use for 1 – 2 days and have a healthy implant.

4- Is Implant Treatment a Difficult Dreatment?

We hear that our patients sometimes shy away from implant treatment. ‘Will it hurt during the Implant? How do I go through this process after the Implant is done, will I have pain?’ he can have concerns.

We can say very clearly ‘no’ to them. Because implant treatment is performed under local anesthesia, our patients do not feel pain during the procedure. After that, it can be very mild pain. During this period, our patients definitely use painkillers and antibiotics.

If they use their medication correctly and follow the advice of their physicians, they will also have a smooth recovery process. Of course they may feel a little discomfort as there is a surgical intervention in the mouth.

They may not be able to continue eating their food in a very enjoyable way, but this process will take at most 1-2 days. Then everything will be back to normal.

5-Do you need care after Implant Treatment?

Implant treatment is actually a treatment that requires care and doctor’s control, such as our own teeth. After the Implant is done, if your teeth are not brushed properly, if you smoke too much, if you do not go to the dentist check at appropriate intervals; our own teeth may be damaged, as well as implants may be damaged.

But good care means good care when brushing our teeth. We use mouthwash, we don’t smoke a lot or drink at all, we go to the dentist every 6 months. In this way, we can use our implants for a very long time.

6- Can Implant be done for every Patient?

The implant can be applied after the bone structure suitability is evaluated by a panoramic X-ray in patients with good general health and who have completed the growth-development age. In chronic conditions such as diabetes, blood pressure or heart disease is under control if the implant can be applied.

7- If there is bone deficiency in the area where the Implant will be applied, what is done?

Sometimes there may not be enough bone in the Implant area for various reasons. In this case, bone formation procedures (ogmentation, bone graft application, bone powder application, ogmentation with box technique) can be performed after the evaluation by the maxillofacial surgeon and the bone volume can be increased to the desired size.

8- Can Implant be done after tooth Extraction?

In most cases, if the bone structure in the implant area is appropriate, a very comfortable implant can be made immediately after tooth extraction. Generally, the implant is supported by the addition of bone powder in the region after this procedure.

9- Does the brand of the implant matter? Is the implant qualified?

Today, there are many brands of implants due to increasing use. The fact that the Implant company has been on the market for a very long time brings many experiences.

Companies reflect these experiences on their implants to ensure that the implants serve in the best way. In addition, it is an advantage for the implant to be easily found in many different purpose parts called decals.

It is important that the Implant brand is a quality certified product that the physician who makes the treatment knows to be trusted and has experience with. The implant, which contains many good features together, can be called a quality implant.

Therefore, when making our choice, we prefer the implants that contain the most of these good features for our patients. When this happens, the results are long lasting and our patients can use their implants easily.

10-  Is Implant Treatment Expensive?

The price of the Implant varies according to the brand, model, country in which it is manufactured and the country in which the treatment is applied.

For example, an implant treatment in Switzerland costs about 10-20 times more when compared with the implant treatment in Turkey using the same brand of implant.

When we compare Germany and Turkey, the same brand implant treatment can be applied for a price of one in 5.


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