What are The Ways to Get Rid of Blemishes on The Skin ?

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What Are The Ways To Get Rid Of Blemishes On The Skin?

Skin blemishes , pregnancy outside the influence of the sun, birth control pills, can also occur due to hormonal changes such as menopause.

How do Birthmarks Pass?

We should know that the sun is our source of life and can be harmful. Acne, scars, wrinkles or spots, the sun affects our skin badly. Both in men than in women, the harmful effects of sun exposure over the years thick, c as ilte stains emerges. These harmful effects of the sun are manifested by sun spots, roughening and thickening of the skin we call actinic damage, redness and crusting in certain areas, and even the formation of benign skin tumors, especially in the 40s. All these skin problems negatively affect the person both physically and psychologically. However, it may be unfair to throw all the blame to the sun. Because age is actually an important factor in skin spots. In addition, skin spots can occur due to hormonal changes such as pregnancies, birth control pills and menopause.

The Sun is Responsible for the Spots on the Shoulders

Large brown spots may appear on the shoulders of those who love sunbathing and those with sunburn. These spots, which are seen due to exposure to excessive sunlight, can appear on the arms and legs, especially below the knees and elbows and on the hands. In addition, unlike other regions, it can be distinguished from others by its water drop shape and white color.


One of the most common periods of skin spots is pregnancy. With pregnancy, various spots can be seen as the skin becomes more sensitive to the sun. The biggest fear of women is that these spots are permanent. However, thanks to the new technology in spot treatment, these spots can also be removed. In the spots that occur during pregnancy and birth marks and spots, if the condition that causes the stain is ‘melanin’, the pigment accumulation that gives color to the skin, the layer of the skin should be determined and the correct method should be chosen accordingly. In some cases, this method can also be done by scraping that layer of the skin with ablative laser. For birthmarks that have a vascular structure, vascular lasers need to be used.

The Best Season for Skin Spots is Winter

In order to prevent all these spots, intense exposure to sunlight should be avoided from an early age. For this, one should especially use sunscreen creams, accessories such as hats and umbrellas, avoid natural or artificial ultraviolet rays and avoid tanning as much as possible. However, if the stains have now formed, winter is the best time to fight. The correct applications, chosen together with the appropriate stain remover creams, can save the person from existing spots.

Which Methods Are Used in the Treatment of Skin Spots?

Recently, a wide variety of applications can be used in spot treatment. Methods such as carbon peeling, fractional laser resurfacing, PRP injection, spot mesotherapy, dermaroller are some of them. Factors such as the person’s skin color, sensitivity, age and the depth of the stain should be taken into account in determining the method of stain removal.

For example, it is the preferred method for those who have light skin color and larger spots with freckles. Usually 4-8 sessions of carbon peeling or light doses of fractional laser resurfacing can be done. Carbon peeling is a method performed with laser. It can tighten the pores by opening the spots on the skin. It can reduce superficial wrinkles by renewing the collagen fibers in the lower layer of the skin. After 5-7 days after skin peeling, a bright, spotless, wrinkle-free skin is obtained with fractional laser.

Beware of Dark Skins!

For people with darker skin tones, aggressive (strong) peeling methods can be risky to remove stains. In these cases, the spots settle in the lower layers of the skin. For this reason, there is the possibility of darkening on the contrary, or the stain to come back over time even if it corrects in the first place. In such cases, safe laser applications such as carbon peeling, enzymatic methods, roles and PRP, and stain mesotherapy can be preferred according to the situation in order not to risk.


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