Hair Simulation – Hair Shading

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Hair Simulation – Hair Shading

Hair Simulation – Hair Shading  is a non-surgical method of alopecia baldness removal. In this method, real hair roots and hair structures are imitated by applying epidermal micropigmentation to areas with baldness .

Hair simulation is definitely not a hair transplant method. However, it can give very good results when used as a complementary method after hair transplantation. The most successful results are generally seen in people with very short hair structure. It is also very effective in solving regional hair problems such as ringworm. In hair transplantation , the desired density cannot be reached due to the insufficient donor area, it helps to obtain a more frequent appearance by applying the hair simulation process.

The duration of the hair simulation application depends entirely on the size of the hair gap. The smallest spans take 30 minutes, while the largest span or complete tightening can take up to 5 hours. However , a small touch-up procedure will give a healthier result after the pigments settle completely 1 week after the hair simulation process .

Hair simulation process is done with special devices different from tattoo devices. It should be worked with individual and disposable sterile needles and in a sterile environment. The sterility of the environment should not be different from hair transplantation. The simulation process can be applied after hair transplantation or hair transplantation can be performed on a hair- simulated area.

After the procedure, the patient can return to his daily life completely. In addition, unlike hair transplantation, the hair can be washed with a warm shower the same day.

Its permanence can be up to 3 years in direct proportion to the quality of the pigment materials used. Pigments of this quality are also completely biological and do not cause any harm to human health.

Are Hair Simulation , Hair Pigmentation , Hair Tattooing Different Methods?

No, all of them are actually different names of the same method given by different practitioners. Hair Simulation , Hair Pigmentation , Hair Tattoo are the same applications.

Is Hair Simulation a painful procedure?

Before the hair simulation process, the scalp is numbed with local anesthetic creams specially produced for this job . However , some pain may be felt depending on the sensitivity of the scalp skin of the person .

Can hair transplant be done again after hair simulation ?

Yes, Hair Simulation is not an obstacle to hair transplantation. In addition, the hair simulation process does not cause hair loss in the transplanted hair.

Can I have a bath on the same day after the Hair Simulation procedure?

It is okay to take a bath with warm water.

How can a person who has a hair simulation experience problems after the procedure ?

After the hair simulation , a slight swelling may occur on your scalp for the first 1-2 days. In 1 week, crusting and shedding may occur in the application areas.

These shells should definitely not be removed. It is inconvenient to stay under direct sun or go to the solarium for 4 weeks after the application . If you are going to stay under the sun, it is recommended to wear a hat.


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