Ohtahara Syndrome

Ohtahara Syndrome Ohtahara syndrome, This disease, which is one of the severe epileptic encephalopathy in newborns, was first described by Ohtahara in 1976. It occurs

Patau Syndrome

Patau Syndrome Patau syndrome is a condition also known as Trisomy syndrome. The incidence of this syndrome, which is a very serious problem, is very

Down Syndrome

Down Syndrome Down Syndrome is a disease that occurs as a result of an abnormal number of chromosomes in body cells. In addition, it is


What is Sunburn?

What is Sunburn? Sunburn is a painful condition caused by exposure of the skin to intense amounts of sunlight. The sun’s rays, which normally help

Colic Baby

Colic Baby – Prolonged Cries in Babies In babies, prolonged crying spells are a concern for parents. Unknown cries can indicate a health problem in

Biological Clock

Everything you need to know about your body’s biological clock Biological clock , both mental impact on our health both physically too large. In this respect, you can protect your


Excessive Sweating Problem

Excessive Sweating Problem Underarm Sweating When we are doing sports, in hot environments, when we are stress, nervous, excited or anxious, our body reacts by

What is Shock ?

What is Shock ? Shock, is the insufficient blood supply to the vital organs of the human body . It is a very sudden decrease

Nose Filling (Non-Surgical Nose Shaping)

What is Nose Filling? ( Liquid Rhinoplasty ) Non-surgical facial rejuvenation used in aesthetic hyaluronic acid fillers , can also be applied in the nose area in a safe manner . For people who

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is the intermittent inhalation of 100% oxygen at pressures higher than 1 ATA to the patient who

Medical Tourism in Turkey ?

Why is Turkey the best choice for Medical Tourism ? Characterized by tourism treatment in Turkey as the best globally, but after the success of

Stomach Filler

Stomach Filler Stomach Filler is a treatment that allows the person to lose a weight by applying botulinum toxin  obtained from Clostridium Botulinum bacteria to the

First Aid in case of Fracture

First Aid in case of Fracture How is first aid given in the event of a fracture? Fracture is the deterioration of bone integrity. Fractures may

Causes of Sexual Reluctance

Causes of Sexual Reluctance Causes of Sexual Reluctance in Men There are many men whose desire for sexual intercourse is diminished. This condition is seen not

Nail Diseases

Nail Diseases Nail Diseases  , The nail is an epidermis formation that is located on the outer surface of the tips of our fingers and facilitates the

Fatty Liver

Fatty Liver The liver is one of our vital organs. One of the common problems in the liver is non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. A Mediterranean

Treatment Options For Cartilage Injuries

Treatment Options For Cartilage Injuries Articular cartilage is a very special structure designed to carry loads and provide painless movement in the joint for many years.

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